EMobilityNow  & HeroTime  Are a young and energetic company,  who specialize in Designing, Manufacturing, Marketing and Distributing Board Games, Card Games and Dice Games. 
We offer the very best of Friendly Service, Fantastic opportunity  and Grantee you the Greatest quality of products for the best price!

Who Are You?

I am a passionate gamer who loves Board games, Card Games and Role Playing Adventures

I am a game inventor who needs help with Manufacturing and self-publishing My Game

I am a wholesaler Looking to Private label new board games and card games making them my own

I am a retailer who has a tabletop game shop or Toy Store and am searching for new products

Born to Play & Raised for Adventure

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Our Services

Whichever stage of Creation, Manufacturing Or Marketing you're at right now,
We are here to take you the Extra Mile!
Game Conception
Content Writing
Board Game Design
White Labeling
Manufacturing & Shipping 
Storage & Handling
Marketing & Selling
Personalized Game Development
Monthly Adventure
Educational Games

About Us


CEO & Artist


Graphic Designer


Supply Chain Manager


E mobility Now started in a shabby caravan up in the mountains in the summer of 1998. 

At that time, the founders of the company were young kids with nothing to do on a blazing hot day. They only had Building Block pieces and a tiled floor. Out of boredom imagination grew; the Lego pieces became units, resources, meeples, and scoring systems, while the tiles on the floor turned into a playing board.

In 2009 E mobility Now started designing its own games and in 2014 opened its manufacturing liaison office in Guangzhou China.  Currently, it is offering a variety of services for game lovers, creators, wholesalers, and retailers.



Blasting Boxes

You are a box stacker in a warehouse, competing with other workers for a great new job.


Stack your boxes carefully! Don’t let them break! Sabotage your opponents’ stacks to get ahead! Use tactics to blast your opponent’s boxes to bits!

This game will challenge you and...


Zaberias Chapter 1: The Origin, is a fascinating board game of strategy and territorial conquest. You and your friends will share hours of fun. In this game you will need to vanquish your opponents’ fortresses and units through creative tactics and strategies. To win, you will need to...

Our Games


Random Dungeons

Pull the Dice out of your pocket and role them to create your own unique quest. With our random dungeon dice, you can go on a special adventure together with your best friends face off monster’s, spell, traps and retrieve treasures beyond imagination while your hero caricatures gain level and...

Space Alliance

In Space Alliance you Control an alien race using its special technologies to explore the galaxy.


Take over planets gain new resources, and become the supreme ruler of the galactic realm...

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Monthly Adventure


RPG Monthly Adventure


Receive a High Definition 

digital Dungeon map once per month.


Receive an Adventure Module and a High Definition digital Dungeon map once per month.


Receive 2 Monsters with Stats and artwork + an Adventure module + digital Dungeon map once per month.

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Phone: +86 132-6309-5321

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